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I help reduce the problems and the pain of ADHD and focus on the strengths.

Since 2003.

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Previous Vancouver Adult ADD Support Group Meetings Notes


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Here are notes from some of the meetings of my Vancouver Adult ADD Support Group. As an adult ADHD coach who has ADHD, I like to focus on the practical side of managing ADHD.

The Vancouver Adult ADD Support Group started up in June, 2003 but we didn't start posting notes of the meetings until August 2004.

Each meeting focuses on one specific adult ADHD problem. We do a warm up exercise, overview of the problem then

We do a group brainstorm on:

  • Reasons why we ADDers have that problem.
  • What specific things make the problem worse?
  • What specific things make the problem better?
  • Then we get into small groups and focus on creating a customized plan for ourselves on how to reduce that problem in one specific area of our lives.

If you have notes of meetings that aren't posted here, please email me them and I'll post them so others can read them.

ADHD and Emotions November 7th 2017 Meeting Notes

Distractibility October 4th 2016 Meeting notes

Self Esteem September 6th 2016 Meeting Notes

ADHD Apps and Applications June 7th 2016 Meeting Notes

Wish Lists Vs. Realistic To Do Lists May 17th 2016 Meeting Notes for the Pete Quily's Talk At The CHADD Vancouver ADHD Support Group  

Sleeping Problems ADHD Adults Have June 2nd 2015 Meeting Notes

Follow Through May 5th 2015 Meeting Notes

ADHD and Exercise April 7th 2015 Meeting Notes

Goal Setting March 2nd 2015 Meeting Notes

Building Your Community Of Support: Advocacy And Activism For ADHD February 4th 2014 Meeting Notes

How to Complete Things January 7th 2014 Meeting Notes

The Positives of ADHD December 3rd 2013 Meeting Notes

How to Explain ADHD November 5th 2013 Meeting Notes

Adult ADHD Q & A October 1st 2013 Meeting Notes

Impulsivity September 3rd 2013 Meeting Notes

How to Prioritize July 2nd 2013 Meeting Notes

How to Listen Effectively May 5th 2013 Meeting Notes

Acceptance. How to Develop Self Acceptance April 2nd 2013 Meeting Notes

How to Relax During And After The Working Day March 5th 2013 Meeting Notes

Problems With Sleep February 2nd 2013 Meeting Notes

Trouble With Transitions. Starting Things, Stopping Them And Switching Gears December 4th 2012 Meeting Notes

How to Manage Distractions April 3rd 2012 Meeting Notes

Stress Management January 3rd 2012 Meeting Notes

Task Management June 1st 2010, Meeting Notes

Dealing With Emotions October 24th, 2006 Meeting Notes

ADHD Friendly Occupations and Work Strategies September 26, 2006 Meeting Notes

ADHD Lifestyle. Managing Diet, Exercise, Sleep and the 3 R’s: Relax, Refresh, Rejuvenate
August 22nd, 2006 Meeting Notes

ADD and Motivation July 25th, 2006 Meeting Notes

ADD and Women. Presenter Christine Edgecombe November 22nd 05 Meetings Notes

My CHADD Vancouver Talk Community Resources for ADHD Feburary 15th 2005 Meeting Notes

ADHD and Relationships December 21st 04 Meetings Notes

Communication Skills for Adults with ADHD
December 1st 04 Meetings Notes

Dealing with Clutter in your Life November 04 Meetings Notes

Procrastination September 04 Meetings Notes

Self Management Relating to Time August 04 Meetings Notes




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