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I help reduce the problems and the pain of ADHD and focus on the strengths.

Since 2003.

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How Pete's Adult ADHD Coaching Process Works

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If you decide to hire me as your ADHD Coach, here's how it works.

ADHD Coaching is application of solutions customized for each unique individual with ADHD. One size does NOT fit all.

I've been working with my fellow ADHD adults since 2003 to co-create customized solutions for their unique ADHD brains. Some of the problems are often similar, but since ADHD adults are unique, often the solution are also unique.

We get clarity on the problem or goal, the obstacles, how to navigate around or overcome them and create a practical, doable plan. Next, we figure out the follow up and reminder parts that many ADDers forget. Then they take action and report back the results.

We find out what worked and what didn't, and get curious about why, vs shaming & blaming (a sure way to shut down ADDers), then adapt and adjust the plan on a regular basis to ensure it's not just another abandoned project.

Curiosity is more useful and powerful than shaming, especially for us adults with ADHD who often have enough shame to last us three lifetimes.

You phone me from the convenience of your home. No parking, no worrying about last minuteitis getting out the door, no stress inducing commute:)

You have three coaching options:

  • 3 x 30-minute sessions a month.
  • 4 x 30-minute sessions a month.
  • 4 x 45-minute sessions a month.

All sessions include email follow up. If it's a quick question I'll answer it, if it's something more involved we'll bring it up at the next session.

Before each regular ADHD coaching session you email me your answers to a couple of questions to help focus for the call so you get the most out of your coaching session.

I get paid online by Paypal or by cheque (Canadian only) before the start of coaching, or before or on the first of the month.

Everything discussed is confidential. That's the basis of my business.

Sometimes a parent will hire me to coach their adult children with ADHD, or an employer or union will hire me to coach their employee with ADHD. I won't tell the person paying me what we discuss during the coaching sessions, since the basis of my business is confidentiality. The client can if they want.

Phone today for current ADHD coaching fees. Or Email me

I will usually suggest an inquiry or assignment during the call relating to your particular problem or goal.You get to choose to accept it, reject it or make a counteroffer, i.e., I can't to x 5 times a week but I can do it 3 times a week. You have the final choice and the final benefit.

What is an inquiry? It's a being thing. It’s a way to think or behave differently in a given situation, to take a different perspective on a belief, an emotion, a thought about an emotion or belief, etc.

What is an assignment? It’s an action or doing thing.
It's something you do in order to achieve something. It's action orientated.

Both are important.

Contact me for a free 30 minute ADHD coaching session to see how I can help you manage ADHD more effectively with less stress, and reach your goals



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