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Vancouver ADD Awareness Day 2006


Why have an ADD Awareness Day?

2 ADD Awareness Day Presentations

ADD and LD Support Group Meetings in September

Adult ADHD 5 Minute Screener Test From Harvard U.

Educate Your Doctor on ADHD. 2006 Canadian ADHD Practice Guidelines

List of People known to Diagnose/Medically Treat ADD in the Vancouver Area

Ideas from ADDA for ADD Awareness Days Activities You Can Do


Why have an ADD Awareness Day?

UPDATE:2 The BC Adult ADHD Clinic has shut it's doors and abandoned Adults with ADHD in BC.

UPDATE: The Main ADHD diagnostic clinic in BC, the BC ADHD Clinic at Children's Hospital now (sept 12th) has a 10 month wait just to get diagnosed. They've asked for more funding to decrease the wait list, but the BC Government has said no. This is another reason we need to increase ADD Awareness in BC. If you think this is wrong, contact your local media and politicians and let them know how you feel.

Some time ago I thought about creating a Canadian ADD Awareness day, and had the delusion of organizing a national ADD Awarenss day via a webforum. Thankfully wiser heads pointed out the time and energy involved in such an effort and I decided to temporarily pass.

I still think we should have a Canadian ADD awareness day, The Americans are on their 3rd ADD Awareness Day but we passive Canadians have yet to have our first. And lord knows we need one more than them, In Canada, we're about 5 years behind the US on dealing with ADD. I can't tell you how many stories I've heard of people suffering because they couldn't get a diagnosis or they couldn't access or afford ADD services (medical, coaching, therapy parenting classes etc), or undergone years of therapy for depression with little improvement when the real root problem was undiagnosed and untreated ADD,("you can't have ADD you did well in school/at work") and when that was treated, boom, no more depression.

I have decided to get a small start in my own backyard, Vancouver with the help of my creative members of my Vancouver Adult ADD Support Group. Hopefully others will start doing the same next year, and maybe CHADD Canada or CADDAC will get enough people contacting them to help organize ADD events and activities nationally and in their community . See ADDA's list of activites you can do in your community to raise awareness of ADD. I blogged about it here.

"Think of it as your opportunity to educate people about ADD, especially those who say it doesn’t exist or it’s a drug company and space alien conspiracy etc. Doesn’t have to be a big event, can be as simple as a letter to the editor."

"If people with ADD don’t start advocating for ourselves and our condition no one will do it for us"

You might also want to check out

Thanks to Patrick, Kim and Christine for helping make this event possible.


Navigating ADHD

Download the Event Brochure in PDF format and help us get the word out. Post it in your neighbourhood, coffee shop, community center, school, etc

My Child Has ADHD, Now What?

Speaker: Diane Sugars. Executive Director for the Learning Disabilities Association of BC – Vancouver Chapter, acting Executive Director for the Learning Disabilities Association for the province of BC. See Diane's Bio

Adult ADD Myths, Realities, and Roadmaps

Speaker: Pete Quily, Adult ADD Coach, Leader Vancouver Adult ADD Support Group. see Pete's Bio

Date & Time: Wed. Sept 20th, 6:30 to 8:30

Cost: Free, Donations welcome.

Place: GF Strong Rehab Centre, Lecture Theatre 4255 Laurel St. 1 block east of Oak St, 1 block south of King Edward Ave.


GF Strong Rehabiliation Center

Speaker Bios

Diane Sugars

Diane Sugars, Executive Director for the Learning Disabilities Association of BC – Vancouver Chapter and acting Executive Director for the Learning Disabilities Association for the province of BC is a dynamic and very passionate speaker.
Diane’s presentations are based on her own experiences with raising a child with learning disabilities as well as her studies – she does over 60 presentations a year.
For the past several years, Diane has been helping address the challenges of a new era. She continues to work on issues ranging from supporting professionals, families and the general community through provision of information, education and awareness to raising funds so low income families have access to resources for their children.
Diane lives in Vancouver BC with Geoff her husband of 17 years. They are proud parents of 3 grown children and 3 grandchildren.

Pete Quily

Pete Quily's Bio Pete's Adult ADD Strengths Blog you are on Pete's website.


ADD and LD Support Group Meetings in September.

2 Lower Mainland ADD Support Group Meetings and 1 LD Parent meeting in September

Vancouver Adult ADD Support Group

Sept. 26 2006

Topic: ADHD friendly occupations and work strategies

Discussion Leader: Pete Quily
PH 604-263-6997
Type of group:Adults with ADHD

CHADD Vancouver

Sep 19 2006

Practical tips for Parenting - Sharing what works!
Discussion. Video.

Meeting Location 210 West Broadway, Vancouver.
Information Line 604-222-4043

Abbotsford ADHD Parent Support Group

Looking Forward a New School Year
Speaker Ian Gladman Educator for more than 25 years

Thursday Sept 21st 7pm

Information, Education & Support for Parents and Caregivers of Children with ADHD
Currently meeting the 3rd Thursday of each month (Sept. – June) from 7:00 – 9:00 p.m. at the Fraser Valley Child Development Centre (102-32885 Ventura Ave., Abbotsford). Contact: Leona Fountain

For more information, please phone 604-852-2686, local 246

Learning Disabilities Association of BC, Vancouver chapter

By Parents of LD Children for Parents of LD Children:
Topic: Learning Disabilities Simulation Workshop
Next meeting: September 18, 2006
Time: 7:00 - 8:00 pm
Speaker: Doris Cheung
Location: The Learning Centre, 3292 East Broadway (corner of Rupert and Broadway) Vancouver, BC


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